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Architectural Services

For all projects we ensure detailed brief is agreed and the budget of the client is kept within the limits set out at the design stage.

Preliminary sketch designs are prepared and provision made to incorporate best practice with regard to sustainable design. To ensure that the energy usage is kept to a minimum, the building can incorporate energy management solutions and advice will be given in respect of lighting and heating to ensure that detailed specifications in respect of these important elements are included in tender documents.

Architectural Services provided:

  • Design, planning & project supervision.
  • Fire safety cert applications.
  • Building surveys.
  • Commercial & residential reports for lending institutions.
  • Snag lists for purchasers of dwellings.
  • Preparation of tender & contract documents.
  • Interim valuations.
  • Certificates of compliance with planning permission & building regulations.
  • Planning appeals.
  • Bill of quantities (in association with consultants.)
  • Cost plans (in association with consultants.)
  • Budget estimates (in association with consultants.)
  • Budget cost estimates (in association with consultants.)
  • Building energy ratings (in association with consultants.)
  • Conservation of listed buildings (in association with consultants.)